Realize mobile devices’ potential performance

30% potential performance in average resides in your mobile devices, and Skymizer is the only way to realize them. GCC and LLVM have hundreds optimization passes. Some of them mutually reinforce each other, and some slow down each other. Skymizer Intelligent Compiler find out the best way to optimize your mobile devices in the complex change of optimizations.

The figure shows Skymizer Intelligent compiler is adaptive. It realizes potential performance for variant platforms. Even a low-end device (ODroid-U2, Cortex-A9, 1.2Ghz) has chance to beat high-end device (TK1, Cortex-A15, 2.3 GHz).

Product Results

  • Enhance mobile performance 34%
  • Enhance automobile performance 39%
  • Enhance network performance 27%
  • High product performance
  • Reduce man-month
  • Eliminate time-to-market
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