Skymizer Intelligent Compiler

A smart compiler can understand your software and hardware better.

Optimization effects of traditional compilers are limited due to their incapability of adjusting parameters and algorithms.

Though GCC and LLVM have hundreds of optimization passes, some of them reinforce or slow down each other. Skymizer Intelligent Compiler can help you get rid of the dilemma, it is the best solution to optimize your mobile devices in the complex changes of optimization.

Skymizer "trains" the compiler to understand more about software and hardware. Such large number of benchmarks will enable the compiler to do a better "inference" and to compile high-performance software.

Skymizer Intelligent Compiler can automatically adjust the parameters and algorithms in the software architecture. In addition, it can also automatically adjust the cost model in accordance with the slight differences in the hardware architecture. By using Skymizer Intelligent Compiler, your program can accelerate up to 280% (average 35%).

We Offer

  • Skymizer C/C++ Intelligent Compiler for x86_64 Linux
  • Skymizer C/C++ Intelligent Compiler for ARM Cortex-A series
  • Skymizer C/C++ Intelligent Compiler for x86_64 FreeBSD

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