Adaptive Improvement

Realize Devices’ full potential

Every mobile processor is field of mastery. Skymizer unleashes the full potential of processors by our intelligent compiler technology. Leverage of cloud computing and compilers leads low end devices to defeat high ends in the field of their strength.

Whole System Optimization

Continuous optimization in the background

In open source world, we realize how small a single programmer really is, and how limited programming languages and methodologies are. The lines of codes in a single smartphone is about 120 millions. Skymizer believes that time should be spent on surfing the wave of source code, not on passing it through. Our intelligent compiler remembers every line of code you've compiled and optimize the whole system in the background.

Performance Driven

Lead Optimization Direction in s Simple Way

Traditional compilers have varies of trade-off sets: performance code quality, size, engergy consumption, etc.Users must define the objectives of optimization in intricate way. To simplify the objective definition process, Skymizer introduces an open source unit-test framework called SkyPat. It can examine performance and reliability at the same time.

Function Level Optimization

Fine-grained GCC optimization

Skymizer optimizes source code on function level and exploit more performance while GCC optimizes source code on object level and leave limited room for better performance. In another words, once your product is applied to GCC currently, you can transfer them to Skymizer seamlessly.

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