ONNC Compiler Optimization

ONNC Compiler Optimization

The -fABC options are used to turn on ABC optimizations, you can turn off the optimization by -fno-ABC.

Options Description
-ffusion Enable hardware-specific Layer Fusion
-fsplit-gap Decompose a Global Average Pooling into Average Pooling.
-fdce Dead code Elimination: Remove dangling subgraphs and dead-ends.
-fie Identity Elimination
-fde Eliminate dropout (when ratio=0)
-fpe Eliminate Pad (when pads value are all 0)
-fte Eliminate Transpose (when perm = [0, 1, …, D-2, D-1])
-fme Remove monotone operators before Softmax and LogSoftmax. Monotone operators: (Log, Exp, Sqrt, Sigmoid)
–ffuse-bn Fuse Convolution and BatchNormalization into Convolution
-fcicp Reshape Constant input tensor at compile time
-ffuse-concats Consecutive Concat can be merged into a single Concat.
-ffuse-log-softmax Fuse consecutive Log and LogSoftmax into LogSoftmax
-ffuse-reduces Fuse consecutive Reduce* and Unsqueeze
-ffuse-squeezes Fuse consecutive Squeezes: Use a single Squeezes to represent consecutive group.
-ffuse-transposes Fuse consecutive Transposes: Use a single Transpose to represent consecutive group.
-ffuse2gemm Transform MatMul and Add into Gemm
-ffuse-pad Fuse Pad into Conv: Fuse Pad into convolution’s attribute
–ffuse-transpose-into-gemm Remove Transpose before Gemm
-fgemm2conv Replace Gemm by Convolution
-fsplit-conv Split Convolution by input channel
–ffuse-add-mul-into-conv Fuse Addand Mul into Conv: Use bias to fuse Add and use weight to fuse Mul.
-fexpand-bn Decompose BatchNormalization into Add and Mul
–fexpand-broadcast-dims Broadcast binary operation at compile time
–fextract-constant-to-initializer Convert Constant operator into Initializer

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