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Exploits the full power of the underlying AI chips

AI Starter Kits
AI Starter Kits is a comprehensive set of FPGA-based prototyping tools including optimized Open Neural Network Compiler (ONNC), drivers (KMD/UMD), Linux kernel, virtual platform, FPGA netlist and RTL code (NVDLA). Using AI Starter Kits, you will benefit from an optimal design experience with our extensive suite of advanced design tools, a well-tested open source solution, and a fast-time-to-market prototyping FPGA board, all in one platform. AI Starter Kits optimize your design process and ensures that your software runs and exploits the full power of the underlying AI chips. Skymizer aims at providing a unique solution tailored to your needs to help you build a strong hardware/software co-design team and efficiently save your time ahead of AI chip fabrication.

Full-fledged NVDLA compiler
The NVDLA runtime environment includes software that run and compiled neural network layers in a loadable file. NVDLA User Mode Driver (UMD) and Kernel Mode Driver(KMD) are released with source code and exists as defined API, but the official compiler (NVDLA) is released in binary form and only limited operators and hardware configuration are supported. By diving deeply into NVDLA RTL code, ONNC now supports complex operators and multiple hardware configurations. ONNC is the full-fledged NVDLA compiler in AI Starter Kits. It supports more ONNX models; supports more hardware configurations; and produces high performance loadable files.
AI Starter Kit

Open Source and Commercial Version
Commerical Version
Open Source Version
NVDLA (nv_full, nv_small, nv_large), ARM CMISIS-NN, C backend
NVDLA nv_full, ARM CMSIS-NN, C backend
Validation Framework
FPGA Support
ONNC utilities
Virtual platform
CPU support
ARM, RISC-V, x86
ONNX model zoo
12 vision models+ TinyYolo v1/v2
12 vision models
5 vision models
Optimization pass
22 optimizations
5 optimizations
Support operators
31 operators
17 operators
More than a compiler – Software Development Kits (SDK)
and Board Support Packages (BSP)

AI Starter Kits provides more than a compiler (ONNC), it includes a series of toolchains for customization of NVDLA runtime environment.

Software Development Kits

  • Open Nerual Network Compiler (ONNC)
  • Calibrator for NVDLA INT8
  • Cross Compilers GCC 8.3.0 for RISC-V and 7.3.1 for ARM Cortex-A
  • ONNX model checker
  • ONNX model reader
  • NVDLA loadable checker
  • GreenSocs virtual platform for ARM and RISC-V
  • Lander BSP generator r1.2

Board Support Packages

  • Linux distribution (buildroot and busybear)
  • Bug-fixed user mode driver
  • Bug-fixed kernel mode driver
  • Slides show example program
  • Streaming example program

Strong FPGA ecosystem

AI Starter Kits provides various platforms for different types of developers.

GreenSocs-based virtual platform

  • supports ARM Cortex-A processors (aarch64)
  • supports RISC-V processors (riscv64)
  • supports various NVDLA hardware configuration (nv_small 64, nv_medium 1024, nv_large 2048, and nv_full)

Rich FPGA supports

  • Xilinx ZCU102 for nv_small 64MACs
  • Xilinx ZCU104 for nv_small 64MACs
  • S2C KU115 for nv_medium 1024MACs
  • S2C VU440 for nv_large 2048MACs

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