Preview Release: ONNC - Open Neural Network Compiler

Aug 3, 2018.

Skymizer and BITMAIN together are pleased to announce the preview release of ONNC, Open Neural Network Compiler, which is a collection of open source, modular, and reusable compiler algorithms/toolchains targeted on deep learning accelerator (DLA). ... Read More

BITMAIN partners with Skymizer on an open source compiler for ONNX to speed up AI development

June 4, 2018.

BITMAIN and Skymizer today announced their cooperation for ONNC, an open source compiler aiming to connect ONNX to all AI ASICs. Sophon, BITMAIN’s AI ASIC solution, would be the first hardware platform for ONNC development. It would greatly benefit the broad ONNX audience to utilize Sophon for their deep learning inference work. ... Read More

Skymizer connects ONNX to all deep learning accelerator ASICs

April 20, 2018.

Skymizer, a compiler company founded in 2013, will launch the open source compiler “ONNC” (Open Neural Network Compiler) to ONNX backed by its unique compiler technologies. ... Read More
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